Privacy Policy

iSavings Bank, with a registration no. HY00520048 (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) has established a Privacy Policy regarding appropriate protection and usage of Personal Data. (hereinafter referred to as Privacy Policy).

The Company commits to comply with the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation and all other Personal data protection Laws and/or legal acts that are applicable for the specific country in which the services are provided.

Company’s activity

Company’s business details are as follows.

(1) Deposits, financing, online banking services, and other related businesses.

(2) Other businesses that are handled by a bank and other related businesses (including businesses which will be acknowledged as businesses the company handles in due course).

Purpose of Personal Information Usage 

(1) Company specifies purpose of usage of the clients’ personal information and ensures that usage is within what is required to achieve said purpose unless otherwise stated by the law.

(2) In the case that a specific personal information purpose of usage is limited by related laws and ordinances, company will not use the personal information other than for its appropriate purpose of usage.

Reasonable obtain of Personal Usage

Company uses reasonable and legal methods to obtain clients’ personal information within what is required to achieve the purpose of usage. The company will be unable to adequately perform client’s account management and other tasks if the client fails to provide the relevant personal information.

Provision of Personal Information to a third party

Company will not provide client’s personal information to a third party without obtaining client’s agreement beforehand, unless otherwise required by the law.

The usage of shared information

Company will use personal data we possess with our group company as well as associated company.

Safety control

Company implements the appropriate safety control measures to prevent loss, falsification, and leak of client’s personal information. In the case that the company entrusts client’s personal information to a third-party, the company will perform adequate supervision of the third-party. 

Continuous improvements

Company continually reviews and strives towards the improvement of management system and towards protection of personal information.