Your deposits never fund fossil fuel projects, oil pipelines, rigs or coal mines

Big banks put billions towards climate changing fossil fuel projects. We don’t.

Best interest rates with iSavings

With us, you can save up to 7.9% annual fixed term savings.
Fixed term deposits Annual returns Account balance
£ GBP, € EUR and $ USD
Withdrawals without losing interest
over 10,000 over 20,000
6 months 5.1 % +0.2 % +0.4 % Withdraw up to 50% of the initial deposit early without losing earned interest
12 months 6.4 %
24 months 7.5 %

Things to know

Accounts available in £ GBP, € EUR and $ USD

Minimum account balance: 500

Quarterly interest payments for accounts under 10,000

Monthly interest payments for accounts over 10,000 (calculated daily)

Interest payouts go directly to your current linked account